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What is intellectual property
Mar 27

How to protect your intellectual property

By Angela Smith | Legal Help

Protecting your ideas from theft isn’t exactly a new concept. Ever since there were great people with great ideas, there were people who tried to benefit from them. So it only came naturally that there should exist some kind of protection from IP theft.

What is intellectual property

Intellectual property refers to any kind of your creation or idea that you want to monetize. To get the rights to monopolize your ideas and creations, you must contact the correct law representatives to get your intellectual property rights. This right (or IPR for short) that are granted by the law to you, the creator of IP can include many things. Some of the more notable ones are trademarks, patents copyrights and similar. Additionally, IPR covers the protection of artistic creations like music and literature, and even scientific creations like discoveries or inventions.

IP theft and scams

Theft of IP happens more often than most people think. It is not rare that someone is spending months or even years on bringing his/or hers ideas to life, just to have it stolen. If you do not act quickly there will always be someone looking to make a profit at the expense of your hard work.

When starting to work on an idea, it is very important to check if something similar was already claimed by IPR. It is not rare that people will register some ideas that are bound to be realized by someone else in future. When this happens, they will simply show up and claim they have already copyrighted your creation and reap the benefits with zero effort.

IP theft and scams

History of IP protection

Like it was said earlier, IP protection is exactly new. The first recorded instances of patent law and copyright were Statute of Monopolies and Statute of Anne in the seventeenth and eighteenth century respectively. The first actual recorded use of term intellectual property (IP) was in a Monthly Review from 1769. As the years went, the idea of IPR and the laws regarding it were advancing. They were very crude and at first, they were trying to give as little protection as possible to the creators of ideas.

This was a fine line to walk for them because they didn’t want to discourage the creation of new ideas by strict laws, but on the other hand, if just anyone could steal your innovations that could have equally if not worse consequences.

intellectual property protection

What can you do for your IP

Today there are many laws that can help you protect your IP. Patents are given out by the government and they give the inventor exclusive rights to create and sell their invention. This means no one else can make a profit on them for a limited period of time.

Copyrights are similar to patents but are broader. They can be applied to any kind of artistic or intellectual creation or idea. They are, like patents, given for the limited amount of time. Trademarks are some sort of design or sign that creator is putting on his product or services to distinguish it from similar products in the market.