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Mar 13

Legal Commandments

By Angela Smith | Legal Commandments

As an attorney, your job is to provide the best possible legal help to your clients. To do this there are many things you need to worry about.

Act in your clients best interest

When someone selects you as his/or hers attorney, they expect that you will always have their interest in mind. You shouldn’t act any other way unless you have their written consent to do otherwise. Determining what is your client’s best interest is what makes difference between good and bad attorneys. Sometimes this can be very obvious and straight forward but other times your skills as a lawyer will be out to a test. Acquiring this skill comes with experience and intricate knowledge of the law.

clients best interest

Always follow your clients instructions

Working as someone’s lawyer is not that different to working for someone in any different kind of field. They are your boss and you should do exactly as they say. It can come to the deviation of this rule only if your client asks you to do something that is illegal. You shouldn’t break the law whatever the case is. Other than this, following your client to the word is expected of you as his attorney.

Avoid conflict of interest

Conflict of interest can put you and your client in a very disadvantageous situation. We this in mind, you should always seek to avoid it. Sometimes this means rejecting some of your clients and sometimes this means you’ll have to ask them to change an attorney. Loyalty is important and everyone wants their clients to be able to rely on them in every situation but putting you and your client in a difficult position by ignoring the conflict of interests is not helping anyone. As an additional note, avoiding the personal relationship with your client is highly desirable as it can also create a conflict of interest. Keeping the relationship on a professional level is always the best choice.

Keep client conversation confidential

The most important thing you can get from your client is his trust. The best way you can advise them is if they tell you everything relevant to their problem. By doing so, they count on you being able to keep their privacy. Breaking this rule can severely damage your reputation and more importantly endanger you the client. There are some exceptions to this rule, but they are very specific and rare that you should always seek to keep your conversations with clients confidential.

Always communicate with your clients in timely manner

Contacting your client whenever there is a need to do so is very important. Sloppiness in this kind of work can be very dangerous. You must always remember that your clients are relying on you and failing to inform them on the important matter can be a big deterrent on your professional relationship. Not only will it discredit you as the lawyer but it will put your clients at unneeded risk. Communication is the most important thing when working as an attorney and communicating with your clients is the most important part of it.

communicate with clients